Disable ipv6 privacy addresses in windows 10

By | May 31, 2018

Sometimes, mainly in servers, is better to disable ipv6 privacy extensions so that the configured ipv6 address is the only one configured on the firewall rules or the only one that shows up in the logs.

netsh int ipv6 set int Ethernet0 managedaddress=disable
netsh int ipv6 set int Ethernet0 routerdiscovery=disable

After this configuration you will need to configure the ipv6 address and default gateway settings, because the OS will loose them.

To show the newly configured interface issue the fallowing command:

netsh interface ipv6 show int Ethernet0

You will see the following interface parameters disabled:

Router Discovery : disabled
Managed Address Configuration : disabled

To show global parameters use:

netsh interface ipv6 show global

Global Parameters example:

General Global Parameters
Default Hop Limit : 128 hops
Neighbor Cache Limit : 256 entries per interface
Route Cache Limit : 4096 entries per compartment
Reassembly Limit : 100643488 bytes
ICMP Redirects : enabled
Source Routing Behavior : dontforward
Task Offload : enabled
Dhcp Media Sense : enabled
Media Sense Logging : disabled
MLD Level : all
MLD Version : version3
Multicast Forwarding : disabled
Group Forwarded Fragments : disabled
Randomize Identifiers : enabled
Address Mask Reply : disabled
Minimum Mtu : 1280
Flow Label : enabled

Current Global Statistics
Number of Compartments : 1
Number of NL clients : 5
Number of FL providers : 5

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